PET Bottles

PET bottles are tough and virtually unbreakable during production, storage and transportation. If they do fail, they split, not shatter. Their high impact and tensile strength makes them ideal for carbonated products.The low permeability of PET to oxygen, carbon dioxide and water means that it protects and maintains the integrity of products giving a good shelf life. PET Bottles are used in the field of Water, Carbonated Soft Drinks, Juices, Country Liquor, Mustard / Edible Oil, Pharma, Beverages and many other applications.

PET also has good chemical resistance.Products look good, pure and healthy. Sparkling PET bottles attract attention. Brilliant glass-clear presentation of your products. 10% weight of an equivalent glass pack, PET bottles reduce shipping costs by about 30%, and because the material in the wall is thinner, shelf utilization is improved by 25% on volume compared to glass. High strength, low weight PET bottles can be stacked as high as glass. Absolute closure integrity is possible because of the injection molded neck finish. The absence of a weld line in the base means that PET bottles don’t leak. Suitable for containers of all shapes, sizes, neck finishes, designs and colors.

PET or Polyethylene Terephthalate is excellent material for producing pure, healthy and food grade containers. Bottles with almost glass like finish can be produced using it. It complies with most of the food materials and do not affect the physical appearance, taste or odour. It is unbreakable, tough and incredibly convenient for production and storage. Due to high sustaining capability, it is ideal for storing carbonated products. It has quite low permeability to gases and humidity increasing shelf-life of products. Due to high-chemical resistance it is a good package material for harsh chemicals and acid. Lightweight, high-strength and leak-proof PET bottles and containers offer an ideal substitute for glass. It is possible to mould containers of any shape, design, and color and neck size. High recyclability and reusability ensure less environmental impact. It gets decomposed into carbon-dioxide and water and no chemical residuals are produced.


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